We Were Never Meant To Be Geo-Located in One Area. Let's Travel ­čÖé

Darrell The Explorer

Darrell Canyne250

Ever since I was young, I dreamed of visiting distant lands and exploring everything this life has to offer. This page is devoted┬áto those travels and teaching others how to start living their dreams. So let’s grab our passports and go….

The Great United States

I used to travel growing up; however, I never really done a lot of traveling for pleasure until my mid-20s. Here is my account of things, my plans to come, and the burning desire of learning a place I call my current home.

Going Internationally

In the Fall/Winter of 2011 was when I found myself boarding a 757 out of SFO, heading red-eye into Manila, Philippines. This section will account for my international travel days :).

How To Get Started Traveling

So you are desiring traveling and want to get started; however, you do not know where, how, or whatsoever. This section is for you, I walk-through different things you need to know.

Travel Gear

So, ready to travel? So what to pack, wear, bring, etc on these trips you want to take. This section is right for you.

Funding Your Travels (Pre-During-Post)

This is the number one question any travel export gets asked a million times. So I am making a section of some of the top ways you can get started funding your trips within three parts.

The Pre-Trip Funding Section
The During-Trip Funding Section
The Post-Trip Funding Section