Building A Nomadic Lifestyle

Building A Nomadic Lifestyle

Living an nomadic lifestyle sounds like either an amazing dream or an horrible nightmare for some people. It really depends dramatically who you as and what their ideal frame of level of travel and security.

To be Nomadic is to have freedom to wonder and travel as you please. Most nomadic people still have some form or ties to their start location (a.k.a. Home), while others develop a base in a different location, and travel for 6 months and work for 6 months to save up.

So what is a Nomadic Person anyway?

Searching For Inner Peace and Freedom Seems to be top reasons for living a Nomadic Lifestyle

Searching For Inner Peace and Freedom Seems to be top reasons for living a Nomadic Lifestyle

Unlike what the world and news showcase, a person living a nomadic lifestyle is in control and has freedom to live life on their terms. Not tied into a social acceptable idealization of what they should be doing with their life.

We all see some from of freedom, you can call these people the more advance level of the group.

Nomadic people are born risk-takers for the most part. Nothing scarier than quitting a job that stresses your out, but gives you false security in the form of a paycheck.

They have learned that in today’s internet age, they can develop a few skills and grow an ideal business out of it. Or how to at least earn enough fund their efforts.

Top misconception of nomadic people are that they are hobo, homeless, or entitled rich kids living off others. This could be more far from the truth. Back in 2011 when I started looking into this while living in Philippines, I met a lot of expat’s and most were business owners, Vets, or just money smart learning how to make money their slaves, not slaves to money.

What about those who do not have enough to become nomadic?

Unless you are debt-free and have good amount of saving or have already master a set of skills you can used to help you earn money on the road. There is a process you’ll should be starting to take into consideration when deciding when to pull the trigger on this nomadic lifestyle.

Here are a few things you want to remember:

  1. You do not need a large amount of money to get start as long as your basic needs met.
    1. The biggest cost to anyone thinking about traveling nomadic is the method of travel.
      1. From the Lowest form which is walking, to the most extremely which is first class travels standards of the rich.
  2. Start with a Plan outline; however, always be flexible.
    1. Having a plan is a wonderful way to get started. There are so many different ways to travel, that using a outline will assist in the planning process.
  3. Open Your Mind to new things and people:
    1. There is something to say about the kind of people willing to give it all up and explore. You are either tired of your old life or want to enrich it more. Either way, trying something new will always help you discover things you didn’t know you liked.
  4. Yes, It is scary. However, anything worth doing in life was never easy at first.